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There Is A Sailor Moon Crystal Cafe In Japan, Just Leave Me There To Die


In collaboration with Namco’s Ani-ON! Station cafe in Shinjuku, Sailor Moon Crystal has opened its very own Usagi-themed cafe! Just take me there to eat Usagi’s Favorite Waffles and drink themed beverages forever.


The food menu includes such adorable deliciousness as Ami and Rei’s “Water and Flame Concerto,” an ice cream-topped waffle with strawberries and blue jelly;


“Crystal Star Pancakes,” with heart-shaped strawberries;


Mina and Mako’s “Love Me Thunder,” a waffle with green tea ice cream and a chocolate sauce Love-Me Chain;


and “I Want To Eat With Mamoru,” Usagi’s Favorite Waffle, complete with chocolate biscuit top hat.


The drink menu includes Jupiter’s Melon Flower Hurricane (melon soda with rose); Venus’s Orange Crescent Beam (orange soda with mango); Mars’s Berry Berry Driving Away Evil Spirits (LMAO, cranberry, and strawberry); Mercury’s Blue Aqua Mist (pineapple soda with Calpis); and Sailor Moon’s Pink Moon Tiara (pink lemonade with peach). They even have a Jukebox Song List, and if you tweet your song number with a certain hashtag, they’ll play it for you!

Comic Natalie has a ton of photos of the Cafe available on her website, like these:

Just look at all the goodness!

Every Monday the cafe has a live screening of the latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. If you’re around Shinjuku, the cafe is open until May 6th! You can make a reservation on their website here.


No, Rei. No we do not.

(Special thanks to MeltyChoko for that great video!)

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