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Ted Lasso’s Roy Kent Wants Women to Know Their Worth, and I Love Him

Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent

Roy Kent has become the unsung romantic heartthrob of Ted Lasso. A man who has struggled with getting older and the idea of retiring from a sport he loves, he ended up becoming a man we all fell in love just as Juno Temple’s Keeley Jones did. In the first episode of season 2, though, we’re thrust into a double date between Roy, Keeley, Rebecca, and this man she’s talking to, and it’s very clear that Roy Kent is not really a fan of Rebecca’s date.

He’s not rude about it; he just keeps getting drinks. But when Rebecca and Keeley are talking after about him and how he seems like a “fine” man, Roy won’t stand for it and voices his opinion on Rebecca’s date for real.

There is nothing I want more in this world than for someone like Roy Kent to tell me what I deserve in a man. It’s the most romantic line in any show, and for it to come from Roy Kent in Ted Lasso is absolutely baffling and wonderful at the same time. It’s something I think so many of us take for granted. We are told to settle or to just give people a chance and while we shouldn’t write everyone off, Roy Kent is right about the idea of how you should feel on a date.

Roy Kent talking about love

Rebecca has been single for a while after getting out of a horrible marriage. Her outing with this man is something that so many people have where they aren’t really attracted to this person or into them, but the idea of being alone is too terrifying. Now, we all have Roy Kent yelling at us to know our worth and know what we deserve to keep us going. And this comes after so many of us have fallen in love with Kent after the first season. Who doesn’t love a man willing to mouth along the words to “Let It Go” while at karaoke?

No, but really. The internet is in love with Roy Kent, as we all should be.

Roy Kent is the man who is going to hold you accountable in the best possible way and your honor, I LOVE HIM.

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