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Rorschmap Uses Google Maps to Make Crazy Kaleidoscopic Images

Rorschmap, a neat little website designed by James Bridle, will take you to a location from Google Maps, but show it to you in a way that will blow your mind. The site has the same zoom and drag controls that Google maps does, but instead of allowing you to move around one map, Rorschmap has four maps that move around in relation to each other so that each zoom and drag doesn’t so much move you to a new location as create a new location for you to move to. You can still type in a location at the bottom of the page, but don’t expect to recognize what it shows you.

The images it creates are stunning and sometimes dizzying kaleidoscopic images make me wish that urban planners (and mother nature) had more of a focus on four-pointed symmetry than boring things like traffic patterns. You can check out Brindle’s thoughts about the whole project at his website. Check out some particularly good finds below, then go and try and make some of your own.

(via Laughing Squid)

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