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Let’s Watch Robots Fall Down Adorably at the Robot World Cup 2016

I first became aware of the existence of the Robot World Cup last year when I saw a series of cute gifs of robots admirably trying and failing to play soccer against one another. The best gifs, and the best videos, from the event feature the robots falling down in their attempts to score goals. This series of images from last year’s match still makes me laugh every time I see it!

This year’s match just went down, and it’s definitely a triumph when it comes to the mastery of robotics. Most of the videos of the robots playing the game feature them making successful goals and successful saves, and the teams of experts who created the robots and guide them in their footie game do take the game seriously. But, c’mon, the bloopers are the best part! So that’s why I’ve embedded the “robots falling down” video up at the top of this post. (If you’d like to watch the rest of the videos of the robots actually playing well, you can check out the rest of CNET‘s coverage.)

Here’s hoping that after the robots get organized and start up a revolution, they understand that this post was made with a beloved eye towards slapstick. Robots, I’m laughing with you, not at you! Oh, and I’m terrible at soccer, too. So we have a lot in common. Please don’t destroy me?

(via CNET)

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