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Robot Bakes Giant Cookie, Soon to Replace Grandma

It seems that no job is safe — not even that of supplying delicious baked goods — from the encroaching robot horde. Much to the chagrin of grandmas the world over, the PR2 robot at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab has successfully baked a large Chocolate Afgan cookie.

The project, headed by hungry graduate student Mario Bollini, sounds deceptively simple but has been months in the making, requiring reams of code and careful planning by the whole team. Simply opening and closing the door of the oven was a problem that required much human effort to solve. All the effort paid off and the fruits baked goods of the team’s labors appear to be well worth it. Now we just need to get this guy working with the breakfast bots and we might have ourselves a meal!

Be sure to read on after the break for video of this thrilling accomplishment for robots everywhere.

(via Technabob)

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