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RoboCop Reboot Finds Its Director — Jose Padilha

Officially Official


Earlier this month, it was rumored that Brazilian director Jose Padilha was going to be at the helm of a planned reboot of RoboCop, but there was still chatter about Darren Aronofky taking the job. Well, that didn’t happen, and Padilha confirmed at the Miami International Film Festival that he’s actually been attached to the movie for a while and working with screenwriter Josh Zetumer.

The original RoboCop was made in 1987 by Paul Verhoeven and was an ultra-violent, tragic story about a murdered cop who was set up to become a cyborg in a beaten-down, dystopic Detroit. Considering the current state of Detroit’s economy and the general malaise of the USA, there’s a really interesting point of view to be taken in a reboot.

Padilha, who is best known for his action series Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad), says:

“I think they saw my movies and felt there was something there that could bring to the present day this controversial, yet different, violent movie which is RoboCop without misrepresenting it.”

No actors have been mentioned yet since the script isn’t finished, but nothing like new blood for a movie that seems fit to be reintroduced to a new era.

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