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Rise of the Apes Gets New Name, Release Date

It Came From Outer Space


20th Century Fox is returning to the well of Planet of the Apes movies with Rise of the Apes, a sort of reboot/sort of prequel. After all, we’ve already heard the story of how apes came to rule humanity (the basic territory of Rise of the Apes) in Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (no, it doesn’t really make sense), so it must be a reboot.

But we’ve already had a reboot, thanks, Tim Burton, that we guess this could be a prequel for? I’m honestly not sure if it could be, because at the end of Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes I stood up in the theatre and begged somebody to please explain what the hell had just happened. No one answered.

So it turns out that in August we can all go see, not The Rise of the Apes, but the much dumber sounding The Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Now, I’m a veteran of badly (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace) or repetitiously (every book in David Eddings’ Malloreon series is The Entity of the Geographic Location) titled fiction and cinema. But The Verb of the Noun of the Noun rarely indicates a good movie. It usually belongs on something made on a shoestring budget that gets played at one in the morning with some guy and three puppets sitting in front of it.

So… so yeah, we’re kind of looking forward to it.

(via Digital Spy.)

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