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Never and Always Touching and Touched: Arlene Martel, Star Trek‘s T’Pring, Passes Away

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Monday: Robin Williams. Yesterday evening: Lauren Bacall. Yesterday night: Arlene Martel, best known to Trekkers as T’Pring from The Original Series. Seriously, can this stop now? I’m starting to get worried about Patrick Stewart and/or Ian McKellen.

Martel’s friend Marc Cushman confirmed the news on Facebook, where it was written that Martel “had been in good health and was active until recently when she suffered a heart attack… Marc is sorry to pass this sad news along to us about Arlene. She will live on in our hearts and in her hundreds of TV and film appearances.” In addition to playing T’Pring—Spock’s one-time fiancée and master of her own fate, thank you very much—in the classic Trek episode “Amok Time,” Martel’s decades-spanning career included roles in Hogan’s Heroes, Columbo, The Wild Wild West, and more.

On Twitter, Leonard Nimoy responds to her passing:

Martel was 78.

It’s only Wednesday morning. Can this week be over?


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