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Rhapsody Planning to Acquire Napster, World Shrugs

In a recent press release, Rhapsody has announced that it intends to buy Napster. After the deal goes through, the two will presumably see what Friendster is up to and try to bring back the floppy disk. Kidding aside, the details of the deal are scarce at the moment, but it looks like the deal will go through at the end of November at which point Rhapsody will inherit all three of Napster’s users and Napster’s current owner, Best Buy, will get a slice of the slightly less dated music service in exchange.

In a statement, the adorably optimistic president of Rhapsody, Jon Irwin, said that he expects the deal to “further extend Rhapsody’s lead over our competitors in the growing on-demand music market.” And he’s probably right. It’s not like there is another on-demand music service that people are constantly talking about. More details will doubtless become available in the coming months, so expect all of your favorite websites to poke fun or pass over the story entirely, as they are likely to do.

(via Rhapsody)

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