Come for the Real Captain America, Stay For the Fake Avengers [Video]

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First, a deleted scene from Captain America: The First Avenger that shows grown men looking terrified by an animated tank that doesn’t even exist! Oh, moviemaking! This scene cut from the theatrical release, featuring the Battle at Azzano, will be on the DVD and Blu-ray, which will hit stores October 25. But if you can’t wait for that, and would like to see a fan-made version of the trailer for The Avengers, we invite you to join us after the jump. (P.S.: You will want to see this.)

This nearly shot-for-shot remake of the trailer is by Bryan Harley, who made the video as his entry for Swedefest 8, which (borrowing from a phrase in Be Kind Rewind) celebrates popular movies by honoring homemade copies of them, also known as “sweding.” (An explanation can be found here.) But Harley’s video also inserts some casual observations, like how Thor would probably not understand a lot of words used by Tony Stark.

(Cap video via Marvel on YouTube, Avengers video via Blastr)

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