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Robert Downey Jr. Volunteers as Tribute, Wants to Voice Mark Zuckerberg’s Artificial Intelligence


You may soon be asking Robert Downey, Jr. about the weather or what Yelp thinks about that new brunch place around the corner.

After Mark Zuckerberg announced that he’d like to develop his very own artificial intelligence, the world certainly took note. He said he’d like it to function somewhat like Jarvis, Tony Stark’s AI from the Marvel movies (voiced and subsequently played by Paul Bettany). Things have been fairly quiet on the development front, as he’s predictably playing this one close to the chest. That is, until yesterday, when Zuck idly wondered on Facebook what voice he should give his AI Jarvis.

Enter Robert Downey, Jr.


Because he seems to just kind of show up whenever someone mentions Jarvis or Iron Man, RDJ replied to Zuckerberg’s open question, saying he’d voice the AI. Not exactly Jarvis per se, but I mean, he’s not a worse choice by any stretch of the imagination, oh no. He had a few conditions, of course. He’d do it if Zuckerberg paid Bettany, who would then donate the payment to a cause of Cumberbatch’s choosing. You know just to make it strange.

His joke, not mine. I swear, look!


As you can see, to Zuckerberg, things just got a little real. Other options presented in the thread include Samuel L. Jackson (my personal #1), Scarlett Johansson, Neil deGrasse Tyson (!), Donald Trump (ew), and Arnold Schwarzenegger. With Schwarzenegger, the commenter helpfully pointed out that he had offered to do some voice work for Zuckerberg a long time ago, which… hmm, wait a sec. Terminator featured a time-traveling killer robot powered by AI played by Schwarzenegger… and Zuckerberg’s developing an AI… seems a little convenient, no?


Of those folks, I certainly don’t want Donald “Stale Leftover Bag of Cheetos Left Open Overnight” Trump to voice even a New York taxi seatbelt safety message let alone an AI. That’s just a steaming hot pile of nope.

While Zuckerberg did say “this just got real,” who knows whether this will actually go down. Moreover, who knows if this is something we’ll get to see as end users. At least, I don’t imagine it’ll be for a while yet.

(via CBR)

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