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Watch This Amazing RC Transformer Transform Before Your Eyes [Video]


Transformers of all varities have always been awesome toys, but the bummer is that most of them require you to transform them. They’re less “Transformers” and more “things that you can Transform if you want to, I guess.” The remote-controlled transformers YouTuber kenjiishida011 makes, on the other hand, do the transforming all on their own. Good thing, because you’ll be too busy slack-jawed and drooling to do anything yourself. Above is his latest project which he refers to as “Version 8” and it is incredible. Version 7 is no less impressive. Check it out below.

As if that wasn’t cool enough for you, the videos suggest version 9 is incoming. I don’t know exactly what could get better, but once you’ve already put the time in for 8 versions, you might as well keep going. Full size version?

(h/t Topless Robot)

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