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Bossy Raptor Hilariously Handles Check-in at Japan’s Robot-Run Hotel

Hello! Nice to eat you!

Never mind that whole “robot apocalypse” thing. Stand down. The future is awesome, and robots are great. I concede.

As evidence for this new conclusion, I present Japan’s Henn-na Hotel (literally “strange hotel”), in which robots run the entire business from top to bottom—raptor robots, apparently. Raptor robots that wear hotel employee hats and bowties and brusquely tell you how to check in with little patience for your slow primate brain to understand their take on the English language.

Though I don’t blame the Japanese hotel for an imperfect English translation of the check-in instructions, a dinosaur struggling with spoken language is some amazing unintentional comedy. Watching a raptor mangle something (as they are wont to do) has never been so funny. Google Translate, take note: If your results were provided by a talking dinosaur, no one would mind inaccuracies.

(via BBC)

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