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I’m Actually Annoyed That Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek Project is Still In Development

We can't always get what we want.


Jim Kirk (Chris Pine) faces a no-win scenario in Star Trek Into Darkness

Even as we languish in the timeline where Chis Pine and Paramount were unable to reach an agreement over Star Trek 4, there is still some form of hope for a future Kelvin timeline film. While he’s been busy with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino apparently hasn’t given up on his dream of directing a Star Trek movie featuring Pine’s Kirk and the rest of the crew.

While speaking with /Film, Tarantino was asked about the possibility of his project, and he confirmed it was on the table still. “It’s a very big possibility. I haven’t been dealing with those guys for a while cause I’ve been making my movie. But we’ve talked about a story and a script,” he said. “The script has been written and when I emerge my head like Punxsutawney Phil, post-Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, we’ll pick up talking about it again.”

I’ve been vocally against Tarantino joining the Trek galaxy for a long time now, mostly because I don’t want an R-rated Trek film and I think showcasing brutality and hyper-violence in a Trek movie is not the point of the original series. Star Karl Urban, who would be playing McCoy in the hypothetical film, said via that “He wants an R-rating to really make those beats of consequence land. If it’s not PG, if someone gets sucked out into space, which we have all seen before, we might see them get disemboweled first…It allows some breadth … gives him some leeway to do that.”

I mean, if we’re going to give Trek some grit, the least we could do is just have it be a normal Trek movie with the only difference being is that Bones gets to say “fuck,” because I’ve been waiting a long time for Bones to drop an F-bomb. Disembowelments … now that we can pass on.

There’s also the question of Tarantino’s relationship with Harvey Weinstein and his treatment of actress Uma Thurman. Tarantino pressured Thurman into doing a dangerous stunt on the set of Kill Bill that led to a car crash, despite her worries and her desire to have a stunt driver perform in her place, and she ended up injured.

Thurman said, “Harvey assaulted me but that didn’t kill me. What really got me about the crash was that it was a cheap shot. I had been through so many rings of fire by that point. I had really always felt a connection to the greater good in my work with Quentin and most of what I allowed to happen to me and what I participated in was kind of like a horrible mud wrestle with a very angry brother. But at least I had some say, you know?”

We can’t always get what we want. Tarantino will undoubtedly do an Oscar lap for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and then get to work on Star Trek. SJ Clarkson, who was supposed to be the first female director in Trek cinematic history, will not get to make her movie.

Given Tarantino’s behavior and track record of content, I can’t think of someone less suited to the franchise. The only silver lining is that it’ll be a one and done sort of project, so I won’t be subjected to the Tarantino Trek Cinematic Universe.

(via /Film, image: Paramount)

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