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Prince of Persia Movie Doing Just Fine Overseas, Thanks: Tops Worldwide Box Office

Whereas the first wave of reports on this weekend’s box-office focused on Shrek Forever After‘s coming out ahead of this week’s new releases, Sex and the City 2 and The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the overseas numbers tell a different story: Prince of Persia actually topped the world box offices.

Whereas Sex and the City 2 edged out Prince of Persia in the U.S., with a box office of $32.1 million versus Prince‘s $30.2 million (both were trounced by Shrek‘s $43.3 million), Prince of Persia dominated in foreign markets: It took in $59 million. Sex and the City 2: $27.6 million overseas; Shrek, $18.5 million overseas.

We’re embarrassed to admit that none of us has yet seen the movie, for which ratings have been pretty divisive. Over at Metacritic, there’s a stark gap between critical reviews and reviews by regular viewers: It currently has a rating of 49% among critics, but an 80% rating among a fairly large pool of users.

Have you seen it? What’s your take?

(via Hollywood Reporter)

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