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The Powers Season 2 Trailer Is Here to Remind You Netflix Isn’t the Only Network With Superhero Shows

In case you forgot that another Brian Michael Bendis-co-created comic was adapted to television for your viewing pleasure (and let’s be real, you did, because it’s on PlayStation Network, which is not exactly the first place you think of for television), take a look at the Powers season 2 trailer!

Like everyone else, they’re quick to throw a Jessica Jones mention in there to try to make use of some of the Netflix show’s current unstoppable popularity, and who could blame them? The first season has received lukewarm attention, but this season 2 trailer certainly looks action packed, and even Bendis himself admits on the PlayStation blog that this is a lot different from the show’s beginnings:

And for those of you who checked out season one, I think your first reaction may be, “this looks different.” It is. Just like our characters, we’re growing into our powers (bad pun intended) and the show has continued to evolve and grow in a way we are all extremely proud of.

So if you passed on the first season or it wasn’t your thing, maybe season 2 will change that. We’ll find out when it debuts in 2016.

This season our storyline is focused on the biggest case in Powers’ comic book history: who Killed Retro Girl? The biggest superhero in the Powers world is dead and literally everyone is a suspect.

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