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Phoebe Bridgers Has Two Words for TERFs

Phoebe Bridgers performs onstage in her signature skeleton onsesie.

Musicians have the power to let their voice be heard in their music. We’ve heard it with rally songs and protest music, and now we’re also getting their views on social media. Many use their platforms to let others take the mic, as it were, while others use social media to make their stances known. One of those people is musician and activist Phoebe Bridgers. Known for her music that has the power to completely wreck you as you’re listening to it, she took to Twitter to make her stance on TERFs VERY clear.

We’ve all become sort of wary of loving creators given their constant need to disappoint fans, but then there are musicians like Phoebe Bridgers, who continues to use her platform for the best of takes—like telling TERFs to f**k off. To be fair, she said “f**k TERFs,” but same energy.

That’s made all the more better when a “fan” responded to her and said this to Bridgers: “I love you so much but you should question yourself and know more about what you post,” to which Bridgers responded beautifully by telling them to “shut the f**k up.”

You might think this is aggressive, and you’d be wrong for it. Do you know how many celebrities out there are showing their TERF cards right now? Bette Midler did it and then complained when people pointed out that her language was outdated. We all know what happened with J.K. Rowling, and we’re continually seeing these celebrities show that they’re not willing to even begin to understand why these “takes” are harmful to the trans community.

So, having Bridgers just double down, even when a “fan” is telling her not to? Brilliant. I love it. I wish that everyone else in Hollywood had this kind of energy. Bridgers is unwavering in her takes and uses Twitter to share her anger over the overturning of Roe v. Wade, as well, writing, “I wish your mom had the right to choose” when someone had a horrible response to the news.

She’s not afraid to voice her opinions, and watching her write “f**k TERFs” is truly incredible. May everyone have Phoebe Bridgers approach to TERFs.

(featured image: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Visible)

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