Undressed on Paramount+

Paramount+ and the team behind Nine Perfect Strangers ‘Undress’ the psychology of fashion

Have you ever wondered what your fashion choices say about you? Whether we like it or not, our outfits project who we are into the world—and often tell more of a story than we’re willing to let on. In the fascinating brand-new Australian reality series Undressed with Kathryn Eisman on Paramount+, a group of everyday people interrogate the baggage behind their clothing, in order to transform their lives for the better.

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Award-winning journalist, influencer, fashion expert, and Undressed host Kathryn Eisman knows exactly what your clothing options say about you and is able to figure out your personality without even speaking to you. With this extraordinary skill, she’ll transform into the “Fashion Decoder” and help these volunteers find the change they’re looking for — not just in their wardrobe, but their lives. 

Sculpted by the powerhouse team behind Nine Perfect Strangers, Undressed is another character-driven, intimate, and cinematic series, albeit in a raw reality format, and now streaming on Paramount+. Viewers will see the lives of 16 volunteers transform as Eisman gets to the nitty gritty behind what drives these people to dress the way they do. Not everyone will be so willing to take her advice, which may have unintended consequences.

Undressed is not your average reality show. With an emphasis on the psychology behind fashion, viewers will be able to learn something about themselves and how they can shape the way others perceive them through their clothing choices. And while you might not have Eisman personally guiding you, her wise words and keen eye will offer you deeper insight into how fashion shapes your life, too.

Undressed with Kathryn Eisman is now streaming only on Paramount+.

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