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Outhouse Time Machine

Outhouse Time Machine. No, I’m not talking about the sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine, even though that could very well be its title. I’m talking about a project Oklahoma City-based crazy man Sam Seide has been working on for a while now. His credentials? He is a self-proclaimed “AVID halloween builder,” capitalization his. Of course, this thing isn’t actually a time machine and it isn’t actually an outhouse. But a simulated outhouse simulating a time machine is still worth talking about, right? Yo dawg, I herd you like simulations…

When riders get in the outhouse they pull down their pants better hold onto their pants, because there’s a lot in store. The seat (heh) vibrates to simulate time-turbulence, there are all kinds of lighting effects, a control panel that displays the status of the machine (how much you wanna bet things go very wrong) and last but not least, 3 LCD monitors that act as the machine’s windows. It’s an impressive feat, and it will doubtlessly be awesome. For the first time, I wish I lived in Oklahoma City considering it’s open to trick-or-treaters. One more thing. It’s intended to seat two, but I’d make sure to go with someone you like; that thing ain’t any bigger on the inside.

(via Hack a Day)

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