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The Obliteration Room: A Plain White Room, Destroyed With Colored Stickers


For an installation in the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, artist Yayoi Kusama constructed a room that resembled a regular, domestic environment — complete with dining table, cabinets, ceiling lights, and so forth — colored entirely in white. Sound boring? “A plain white room,” isn’t exactly the pinnacle of excitement, but don’t count Kusama out just yet, as over the course of two weeks, visitors to the museum were handed loads of colored dot stickers, and told to do what they wish to the white room. As one can imagine, the room became very colorful. The transformation from boring white room to explosion of color, below.

The installation will be running until March 12, so if you’re in the vicinity of South Brisbane, you can go destroy a white room with stickers without the threat of Mom yelling at you when she gets home from work and sees the mess you made.

(Colossal via The High Definite)

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