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Beto O’Rourke Garners Celebrity Support for Understanding NFL Protests While Ted Cruz Continues Getting Everything Wrong

A video clip of Beto O’Rourke, the Democratic U.S. representative from Texas going up against Ted Cruz for a seat in the U.S. Senate, at a town hall meeting in Houston has resonated with people all across the country. The video clip, which has since gone viral, shows him talking about the NFL protests against police brutality after a man asks if he finds the protest “disrespectful.” It is a moving, powerful, and poignant response that I definitely recommend watching.

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People are clearly responding to the candidate’s passionate defense of patriotism through protest, and several celebrities have expressed their approval. O’Rourke is gaining tons of momentum as a liberal candidate (this GQ piece on the race between O’Rourke and Cruz sets up scene pretty well), which is unsurprising.

Ellen DeGeneres invited O’Rourke to her show:

Athletes have thrown their support behind O’Rourke as well, including Colin Kaepernick who retweeted the video onto his feed, LeBron James, and more:

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz made … some kind of joke(?) after Kevin Bacon tweeted it?

He gave a longer response to it during a campaign stop, focusing on O’Rourke’s “nothing more American” comment:

Patricia Arquette also made an appearance in the discussion, criticizing Cruz for not responding to O’Rourke’s actual points and encouraging Ellen to have O’Rourke on Ellen.

While other politicians (including Donald Trump) struggle to even acknowledge that the NFL protests are against police brutality and not “the anthem,” O’Rourke is miles ahead. It’s unclear at the moment whether or not he’s accepted Ellen’s invitation. However, it’s extremely promising to see more and more people support his campaign through his support of protesting police brutality.

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