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Everyone’s New Year’s Joy Was Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal Celebrating Together

Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac in Triple Frontier, a great movie.

2020 was the year from Hell. The struggles were real, as the kids say, and so when it got to the end, we were all just happy to have made it out of the apocalypse alive and somewhat put together.

So when it came to New Year’s Eve, it was different this year. We all tried to stay safe and home (some didn’t, but what are you going to do about those people?) and it meant that we were all … very much online. Instead of going out to bars and celebrating all together in a big group, a lot of us took to Twitter to share our excitement over leaving 2020 behind.

So that meant when a picture of Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal appeared with the two of them celebrating the holiday together, we all collectively yelled into the Twitter void.


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Pedro Pascal, New Year’s Eve unicorn, came in with a last-minute addition to make 2020 not so terrible. The picture just joins a long line of pictures of these two friends that constantly circulate on fan Twitter but like, can you blame us? They look like they’d die for each other, and sometimes, that’s the kind of friendship you need in your life.

The internet took the picture and found their own happiness there—meaning that it fully broke us all one final time.

May 2021 bring you the love and friendship that Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal share. Or at least more pictures of the two of them together. We all deserve it.

(image: Netflix)

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