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Now Ben Shapiro Is Mad About Lesbians in Space …

The moon will join our coalition

Conservative commentator/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s creepiest fan Ben Shapiro sure loves to talk. Most of the time, it is pure nonsense, but he does love to just open his mouth and expect intelligent thoughts to come pouring out and convince everyone of his expertise and sway them to his side, and yet, it never happens. This time … it’s about who can go to space?

In the list of things that Ben Shapiro is mad about, this one is actually funny. “Lesbians on the Moon,” Shapiro sings and talks about how it feels like the Biden administration is just “casting a movie” because Vice President Kamala Harris pointed out that there should be a diverse group of people in the next team sent to explore space and the Moon.

Shapiro had a problem with this because his eyebrows are growing into his brain and he’s incapable of understanding any kind of nuance to a conversation. But his problem was that the tired line that the members of the team should be the most “qualified,” which always seems to ignore the fact that, on paper, cis white men have more opportunities than anyone else, and that’s not because they’re more qualified. If anything, ensuring that the diversity of the group is taken into account could work to undo the biases that result in less qualified white men getting opportunities over others.

He also made an incredibly gross comment directly after mocking the idea of lesbians in space. He said, “Lesbians on the Moon. This is what we need. It sounds like a bad pornography.”

As them. pointed out, this video was meant as a jab at the president but instead just showed how absolutely little Ben Shapiro knows about women in history. Because … there’s a lot wrong with Shapiro’s “joke” that he tried to make based on actual historical fact.

Let’s go back, briefly, to his comments about lesbians in space. What is hilarious about this, to me and others online, is that Shapiro seems to be completely ignoring the fact that the first American woman in space was a lesbian. Sally Ride didn’t want to become a gay icon, so I guess her partner of 27 years, who she was pretty public with, might not be common knowledge to someone like Shapiro.

More of Ben Shapiro’s nonsense

This isn’t really surprising—not surprising that he was instantly gross about lesbians and not surprising that he’s ignoring history to make whatever point this is barreling past. What’s more forehead-slapping about this one is that he literally said this as if your sexuality even matters when you go to space at all. The point is to stop space exploration from being a primarily straight male game.

I guess Shapiro would have a problem with that because in some warped world, he thinks he has a shot going to space? Or maybe he’s just tired of others getting opportunities that were always afforded to people who look and act like him?

I don’t know what Shapiro’s deal is 90% of the time, and I don’t care to look further into it. This case is just funny given that the first American woman in space was Sally Ride, who was a lesbian, so his take is gross, homophobic, and also shows just how unaware of actual history he is.

So, Ben, maybe don’t talk about things you don’t know anything on? I know that would severely limit what you’re actually able to talk about, but hey, better for the rest of us!

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