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Notes from Chris


In an ongoing series called “Notes from Chris,” humorist Todd Lamb posts all-caps notes around New York City that are by turns mundane and bizarre.

Lamb explains the character to the Village Voice:

I feel like a lot of New Yorkers are in their own little world, whatever that world is. I wanted to see if I could break them out of that. For Chris, all he wants to do is meet up with people, because he’s not busy. He’s the opposite of all these New Yorkers who are booked solid throughout the day, and even if they had free time, they wouldn’t want to meet up with you.

Chris has lots of time and is wiling to meet you for the most mundane things. And no one wants to do those things except Chris. Like, Chris wants to eat some Fritos and move a mattress. He just wants soda, snacks, and your time.

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