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Bunch of Dudes Seem to Be “Refusing to Clap” for Jenny Beavan’s Work on Mad Max: Fury Road

Last night, Mad Max: Fury Road‘s Jenny Beavan won an Oscar for Best Costume Design. Anyone who’s seen Fury Road may very well agree that her winning this award was incredibly well deserved. But judging by the folks sitting along the aisle she was walking down to accept her award, maybe that wasn’t the case amongst Hollywood’s glitterati.

As you can see in the video above, a bunch of people (including Tom McCarthy, who directed Spotlight, which won Best Picture, and Alejandro González Iñárritu, who directed The Revenant) sitting along the aisle weren’t clapping for Beavan as she went to receive her award. Of particular note is that the women are all smiling and quite happy to see Beavan pass by, and most are applauding her.

If I’m being frank, it does seem like a lot of them look a bit condescending as she passes by, as if they were looking down on her or something. It was only after she made it down to the steps leading onto the stage that they began to clap, which you can see in the video below.

So, eventually, everyone claps for her, but it seems like they only do so after they realize she’s the winner. Their looks of confusion and condescension dissolve into bemusement as they notice the Fury Road logo bedazzled onto the back of Beavan’s leather jacket. Oh, and that jacket? It seems to be the focus of a lot spectator theories about why they may not have been clapping for her.

Combined with the fact that they didn’t start clapping until she reached the stage, it could very well be they didn’t think that this woman–in a leather jacket, scarves, and what looks like jeans (quintessential Fury Road apparel, to be honest)–was actually the winner. It’s as if she didn’t fit in with their idea of what an Oscar nominee-turned-winner should look like.

Regardless of why they weren’t clapping, doesn’t it just seem rude to not clap when someone’s announced as a winner? It’s important to note that they weren’t clapping long before she passed by, so they had decided to not clap long before she started walking past them.

Whatever. Those guys would’ve been swallowed whole by the Fury Road a long time ago. They just got to witness, is all.

(via BoingBoing)

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