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Out of My Comedy Husbands, Nick Miller Would Probably Be the Best in Surviving 2020

Nick Miller in New Girl

New Girl is a show that just keeps on giving. Though it ended in 2018, many of us still talk about its characters and why we love them so much—specifically when it comes to Nick Miller.  He’s the perfect guy for a lot of reasons. He’s the bare minimum for what is acceptable in a significant other and, for men, he’s the kind of guy they can easily aspire to be. Though he’s terrible with money and did quit following his dreams (and also does not take care of himself in any way), he’s someone that people either want to be or want to be married to.

And, at this point in my quarantine, he’s definitely who I’d willingly marry (and who I’d want on my team in the apocalypse). When I was first reexamining Nick Miller, I realized that J.J. Philbin (whose husband is Mike Schur) worked on the first and second season of the show and gave me some of my favorite Nick Miller moments. What is it about J.J. Philbin and Mike Schur who … write for male characters that I would marry? Jim Halpert, Ben Wyatt, Nick Miller … someone explore that for me.

Anyway, the thing about Nick is that … he’s so far from perfect. He fits into that idea of a man you can help get on the right track—because look, he needs it. He’s a bit of a mess, but he’s also kind and caring, and while he’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, he’s just a very real and lived-in character. (Maybe that’s why I love Jim, Ben, and Nick? Did I figure it out myself?)

But right now, in 2020, when the world is quite literally on fire, I feel like Nick Miller would be a good choice. Let me explain. He’s handy in a MacGyver sort of way. There’s an entire episode dedicated to the smart yet outrageous way that Nick fixes their toilet (and everything else in their loft).

And with us barreling towards the apocalypse, I feel like he’d be a good choice of partner. Ben Wyatt (the love of my life and who I named a cat after) would be useless in an apocalyptic situation, and Jim Halpert would … also be useless. But Nick Miller? He’d be the one who would find some contraption to keep us safe in the loft or, with the pandemic, he’d be okay with just staying inside for as long as possible and not putting himself or anyone else at risk.

So, in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic and our president trying to start a race war and everything else happening around us, I choose Nick Miller because he’d probably keep me alive. But then again, Ben Wyatt is a congressman at this point, so he’s probably helping with COVID-19 relief, and … can’t I just have all three?

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