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Pokémon Black and White Update: Seven New Pokémon and Female Professor Revealed

GameRant has a number of scans from CoroCoro Magazine, which has been doling out healthy portions of info on Nintendo‘s upcoming Pokémon Black and Pokémon White.  Their’ latest serving of delicious made up animals comes in the form of seven new tamable Pokémon, their types, and their attacks.

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Above is Mamepato, a normal/flying type who can learn Super Luck and Pigeon Heart.  See the rest after the jump.

  • Chiramii is  a normal type who can perform Cute Charm, Technician, and Sweep Slap.

  • Gear is a steel type who can perform Plus & Minus and Gear Saucer.

  • Hihidaruma is a fire type, in cause you couldn’t guess.

  • Meguroko is a ground type and a dark type that can Intimidate and Earthquake Spiral.

  • Munna is a psychic type and can Forewarn, Synchronize and use Telekinesis.

  • Shimama is an electric type (but you knew that already).  It can learn Lightning Rod, Motor Drive, and Wild Bolt.

Oh yeah… didn’t we say something about a female professor?  Meet Dr. Araragi and her Chiramii.  We can’t wait to find out which tree she’s named after in the American release.

The entire article, including a look at the new pokédex, speculation on online features, and the types of Reshiram and Zekrom can be found here.

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