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Les Miserables Production Designer Leaks Major Muppet News

it's time to play the music


Eve Stewart, fresh off winning a BAFTA for her work on Les Miserables, is spending her time on a much happier musical at the moment: The Muppets… Again!, currently filming in London. The production designer may have just spoiled a plot point of TM…A in an interview.

Or it could just be another ambiguous fake out, I suppose.

In an interview, Stewart commented on the drastic change between the Les Miserables set and the Muppets one:

Really the antithesis of Les Miserables, I’m now at Pinewood doing The Muppet Show. And today has been one of the best days of my life,designing Miss Piggy’s wedding at the Tower of London. Get me… I’ve never been so happy.

This wouldn’t be the first time Piggy’s ever done a wedding scene in a Muppet movie. The last time was in The Muppets Take Manhattan, the movie I’d call the black sheep of the Muppet Movie family if not for Muppets from Space. The MTM wedding was always sort of shrouded in several layers of questionable continuity. It takes place at the end of a broadway show that Kermit and the gang have been trying to put on for the whole movie, only Piggy surprises Kermit by hiring a real priest to officiate the in-show wedding instead of Gonzo. Fans have often wondered, and even bald-facedly asked if the scene was meant to depict the actual Kermit and Piggy getting married, and not the recently graduated college students (named Kermit and Piggy) who Kermit and Piggy were playing in Muppets Take Manhattan (characters who were, in the scene, playing characters in a Broadway musical). Kermit and Piggy have played coy about the legitimacy of the wedding scene since.

The Muppets, everybody!

A wedding scene in The Muppets…Again! could mean anything from Piggy and Kermit actually getting canonically married, to a dream sequence, to, given that the movie’s main villain is an uncanny Kermit lookalike, a sham wedding that the gang has to try to stop. We’ll find out next year…

(via ToughPigs.)

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