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Ladies and Gentlemen: The Avengers Trailer… Now With Plot


While the previous Avengers trailers have certainly been action packed, the you couldn’t really say that they told us anything about the plot that we couldn’t guess already. Loki is the bad guy, he’s got a world-invading army, Samuel L. Nick Fury’s got to get the team together, and then there will be explosions. This trailer focuses almost exclusively on character interaction and showing how everybody was approached to put the team together, what their initial responses will be, and why the stakes would be so high that Fury would bother making the effort to get everyone to play nice in the first place.

Check it out below!

My favorite bit? “I’ll persuade you. …with guns. I mean, what did you think?”

Although, that crowd kneeling… seems like a reference to some lines in this trailer, and sent a thrill up my spine.

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