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No One Is Having Netflix’s Bullshit Platitudes on Canceling One Day at a Time

This is honestly bullshit.

One Day at a Time

This all started when Netflix put out this statement about One Day At A Time:

Which, as Ester Zuckerman points out, is wild.

Netflix doesn’t let us know its viewership numbers, and I know that I personally watched the show from my own Netflix and my roommate’s, and everyone I know watched it multiple times, so …

But they made things much worse when they tried to smooth it over:

Mike Royce, one of the show’s writer and producers, put out his own statement about the cancelation as well.

From there is when everyone made it clear that we were upset by the news.

And yes, we’re all upset, but this is truly bullshit. Netflix sits and says they want to be inclusive, they want to share the voices of those left out of mainstream media, and then they cancel One Day At A Time? Something isn’t connecting.

Because … we remember that Netflix spent an absurd amount of money to stream Friends.

When you truly break down the “lack of success” of One Day At A Time, it all falls on Netflix. They didn’t promote the show; the fans did. We fought for it; we all talked about it with the cast and the crew because we all wanted it succeed. It seems as if Netflix always wanted it to fail or just didn’t care.

Especially when Netflix isn’t listening to our actual complaints and is funding work by a man whose alleged sexual assault clearly isn’t stopping them from working with him.

It feels like Netflix is trying to say the right thing and not actually do the right thing. You can say what you want and preach about being inclusive, but when you cancel a show that we all cherished with no real proof of its “lack of viewership”—and no visible effort to change that—then we can’t trust you and your message.

Let’s just hope that Lin-Manuel Miranda saves the show like he did with Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

If someone doesn’t save One Day At A Time, I swear I’ll start my own network out of my apartment and film it. This show is necessary and important, but I guess go ahead and keep making The Ranch, Netflix.

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