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Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy Trailer Promises a New Twist on Superhero Stories

Never knew I wanted a white-haired Josh Duhamel.

The Union has arrived in the form of Netflix’s official trailer for Jupiter’s Legacy. Based on the Mark Millar and Frank Quitely comics of the same name, this Netflix series tells the story of a group of superheroes known as the Union. They have been protecting the world for 90 years, and what’s left of them is having to deal with what comes next when their legacies are poisonous.

To tell this story, Jupiter’s Legacy cuts back and forth between the 1920s and 90 years later. The past saw a group of explorers visiting a mysterious island that granted them powers like none ever experienced before. And the future shows the heroes of Jupiter’s Legacy grappling with the world they’ve created and how it’s now time to hand off this world to their superpowered kids.

Sheldon Sampson leads the Union as a Superman-esque character known as the Utopian, played by Josh Duhamel. Leslie Bibb will play the Wonder Woman-esque Grace, also known as Lady Liberty. Ben Daniels will play Sheldon’s brother Walter, also known as Brainwave, and Matt Lanter will play George Hutchence, also known as Skyfox.

As for the superhero kids, imagine if Superman and Wonder Woman had kids, and then those kids had to deal with the fact that their parents are superheroes, celebrities, and the saviors of the world. Mix that up with them being absent from their children’s lives, because they were saving the world, and you’ve got a recipe for angst, drama, and slight resentment if we’ve learned anything from previous superhero family dramas.

“Everything you do is a reflection on this family,” Sheldon tells his kids in the trailer. “You have to be the ideal.” If only things were that easy, Superman—I mean, Utopian. Chloe, played by Elena Kampouris, seems to be using her powers to be a supermodel and throw things around as a legacy of Lady Liberty and Utopian. And her brother, played by Andrew Horton, basically shares his displeasure with another team member of the Union about his father’s absence while interspersed with scenes of his doing heroic things.

It’s basically Justice League meets The Incredibles meets The Umbrella Academy, but with kids who, according to Millar and EW, are “f**king awful children.” And honestly, I’m here for every messy second of it, especially if it means Leslie Bibb gets the lead role that she deserves and is a superhero with a sick bob and flowing white hair. I’m here for it.

Jupiter’s Legacy premieres on Netflix this May 7.

(image: Steve Wilkie/Netflix)

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