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Napping Taika Waititi Is Back to Work

Taika Waititi and his Oscar

Taika Waititi is back to set and back to sleeping. The Thor: Ragnarok director is known for a great many things. He makes incredible movies, is a wonderful storyteller, and naps all over his sets. This time? He’s also wearing a mask.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a one-off thing. Taika naps a lot. So much so that there is an entire Twitter thread dedicated to Taika Waititi’s napping ways.

And … not just like a few pictures. There are … so many pictures of Taika Waititi taking a nap while on set and look, I get it. If I was on set for hours on end, I’d also get really good at napping when I could. But Taika’s naps are, shall we say, a mood.

Worried that’s all there is? Don’t be, it goes on!!! And on … and on … and on …

It may be that in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t important. Taika Waititi taking a nap ranks relatively low on the important scale but right now, I take what happiness I can get. This brief moment of a return to simpler times (even IF Taika is, very responsibly, wearing a mask) makes me happier than I’d like to admit.

One thing about set life that’s not often seen by the public is that there is a whole lot of waiting around for things to get going, so … Waititi has the right idea and the right attitude. Take a nap, get the snap, share the memory. That’s the tagline for a Waititi set in my mind, and I have yet to be proven wrong.

I would like to personally thank my good internet friend Taika Waititi for sharing this picture so that it called to mind all of his other nap snaps of yore. We may be in a cursed hell-world, but we can still find joy in looking at pictures of a favorite filmmaker snoozing in fun and exciting ways. And these days, every little bit helps.

(image: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

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