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Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Are the Country’s Disappointed Parents, and No One Can Handle It

"We're not mad ..."

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer took to television last night, after Donald Trump’s address, to express their own side of the story. The problem? They were very stern and reminded us all of that time we upset our parents and had that “we’re not angry, just … disappointed” talk, which is, arguably, worse.

None of this was lost on Twitter. The all-too-relatable expressions on the faces of the Democratic leadership quickly turned them into the disappointed parents of an entire nation, and honestly, their kids have made a spectacular mess befitting this reaction. They’re just trying to be the best parents for the country that they can be!

We’re all a disappointment at one point or another (or just at all points in time, like some White House occupants).

They just care about our wellbeing!

Maybe it’s time we all just come home when we’re supposed to and start doing the right thing. You know, in the voting booth.

Was last night a complete wash that didn’t make any sense? Yeah, because the president is continuing to throw a temper tantrum and expect to get his way about a wall that no one wanted, that he said Mexico would pay for, and that, it’s been reported, was just an easy symbol his advisers came up with to remind him to be extra racist at rallies.

But at least the Democrats’ counter programming delivered, if only in the catharsis of seeing someone on the news who can’t pretend any of this deserves anything less than total disappointment.

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