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The Ending of ‘My Lady Jane’ Leaves Some ‘Burning’ Questions Unanswered

Your queen (me) demands answers!

History tells us that the world hasn’t been kind to women, especially the ones who dared to seize power and use it for good. We can’t rewrite history, but we can always reimagine it, right? Enter: My Lady Jane, giving a beheaded queen a new lease on life, and a fun one at that.

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My Lady Jane is a new series on Prime Video created by Gemma Burgess, and starring Emily Bader and Edward Bluemel.  It is based on the first book in a series that reimagines the stories of various Janes from history, written by Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows. All eight episodes of the first season are out, and the way the eighth episode ends, one can only hope season 2 comes sooner than later!

The series is getting a lot of love from fans (read our review!), most of them book girlies who love reading romantasy and are always on the lookout for their next ship. Jane and Guildford, with their sexually charged attraction, banter, and forced subduing of feelings are the perfect ship on paper. But Bader and Bluemel’s chemistry definitely cranks up the heat.

Emily Bader and Edward Bluemel fighting in the grass in a scene from My Lady Jane

What makes My Lady Jane even more appealing is its feminist reclaiming of a woman who was wronged by her society and her circumstances. Lady Jane Grey was a real historical figure, a noblewoman back in 1553 England, who became the queen of England and Ireland suddenly when her cousin, King Edward IV died, and named her his heir. She took charge and ruled for nine days until support for the deceased King’s half-sister Mary grew strong enough to remove Queen Jane.

Jane and her husband were then imprisoned for being a threat to the crown and eventually executed by beheading. But from the beginning of the show itself, My Lady Jane tells us of its intention to show a big middle finger to the historically accurate ending. So not only do we get a steamy romance between Jane and Guildford, but the king of England is Black, and the kingdom is divided into Verities (pure humans and Ethians (humans who can turn into animals at will, but can’t control what animal form they’re able to take).

So naturally, this alt ending is so much fun!

What happens at the end of My Lady Jane season 1?

Spoilers ahead for My Lady Jane season 1!

By the time we arrive at the eighth episode of My Lady Jane, Queen Mary has taken control of the kingdom, and it is time for Jane to be executed. Though Jane, with support from her cousin Princess Bess, was able to disperse the charges of high treason against her by proving that she was only following King Edward’s will, Mary produces the groom Rupert in court who, after being tortured, reveals that Guildford is an Ethian. And so Jane must die, as is the law of the land, for marrying an Ethian.

While Queen Mary continues with her tyrannical ways, disposing of anyone who dares to question her (like the Duke of Norfolk), in a total twist, the support for Queen Jane is on the rise for abolishing the Division Laws. Meanwhile, the very-much alive King Edward along with his new Ethian friend Fritz, tries to get the Ethian army to help them save Jane by charging the castle. Initially hesitant, they’re convinced, and at Jane’s execution ceremony outside the Tower of London, they fly in with full force. 

Jane’s head is on the chopping block and the executioner is about to axe it when the Ethians disturb the proceedings and the executioner chops his own foot! In the chaos that ensues, Sussanah, Jane’s former maid and friend, is able to free Jane, who then rushes to save Guildford. He was also to be executed but not by beheading; he is to be burnt at the stake as he watches the love of his life get beheaded before him!

Jane fights her way through soldiers and tries to untie Guildford but the knots are too strong. He urges her to leave him or she would burn, but Jane tells him she will never leave him and that she loves him. The power of true love seems to fix the mental block in Guildford’s head that made him hate being an Ethian because of what happened to his mother. And he is able to control his transformation!

Guildford transforms into the majestic steed that he is, and Jane escapes riding on him!

The epilogue of My Lady Jane kindles hope for a season 2

Jordan Peters as King Edward shows the finger to his court in My Lady Jane

There’s an epilogue that follows the events of the execution night where we find out that Queen Mary is angry as hell, and that Princess Bess is also an Ethian. (How?!) Jane’s sister Katherine secretly marries William, the son of Lord Seymour, even though her mother had prohibited her from meeting him. And we see a fully secure and no longer a pushover Stan Dudley enter Lady Frances’ room for a liaison. King Edward too finally gets together with Fritz, making it another royal Verity-Ethian union!

But more importantly, as Lord and Lady Dudley try to figure out how they ought to spend the rest of their lives, Jane realises she can’t really leave with all the mess still left to sort at court. And so she and Guildford ride back into the sunrise to London.

So this is how we know My Lady Jane could totally have a season 2. Or rather, I wish I were a queen so I could demand one because I need answers!

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