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Want To Play Music For Your Gestating Future Child? Skip the Headphones, Try This Musical Tampon


I guess putting a pair of headphones over your baby bump is out of fashion — or it’s about to be. A new product called “Babypod” is a small pink speaker that you can put inside your vagina, assuming you’re growing a human inside of you and you’re really committed to playing music for that future kid. Jezebel calls it a “musical tampon,” but the comparison to tampons only serves as a reminder for exactly how moisture-proof this speaker has got to be. Damn.

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Anyway, the Babypod website claims that using headphones on your belly won’t allow your future little one to really hear all the nuances all the notes, y’know? They’re just trying to sell a product, of course, but they’re probably right. If you want your fetus to hear all the detail that went into, say, Janelle Monae’s The Electric Lady or Carly Rae Jepsen’s Emotion or [amazing album of your choice], then you better get that speaker up in there. You gotta teach the importance of music as early as possible, right?

(via Jezebel, image via Best Pregnancy Pillow)

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