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Another LEGO Batman Movie Trailer to Brighten Your Monday Morning With More Dark Knight


The LEGO Batman Movie isn’t going to let us forget for one second that Batman can be fun. This Batman in particular may be a bit far to the “fun” side, but that’s only to keep the Bat-Force in balance with the grimdark side. What I’m saying is that LEGO Batman is the Bat-chosen one.

As Batman himself points out, this is the second trailer in a week for the upcoming LEGO Movie spinoff/sequel, because we just need that much Bat-levity in our lives right now. It’s also a solid way to brighten your Monday morning, since judging by box review-defying office totals, it’s likely that your weekend included a heaping dose of darkness.

We’d ask which trailer you like better, but hey, c’mon. Both trailers are forces for good. They each have their own distinct style, but they both want to accomplish the same thing. What would we gain from pitting them against each other? We don’t always need everyone to fight, you know. They’d probably just wind up putting aside their differences and teaming up in the end anyway.


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