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[Updated] We’re Taking More Questions for Our Friend Bill Nye!

Question: Is Bill Nye the best? Answer: Yes.

Bill Nye and Glen Tickle

Our Friend Bill Nye (pictured above to the right of some goofy-looking person) will be taking some Geekosystem reader questions in an upcoming episode of StarTalk Radio’s Video Cosmic Queries. Ask away in the comments, or on social media with #OurFriendBillNye. You have until Wednesday night!

We’ll be dropping some videos from SXSW in the coming weeks where Nye answered some reader questions about invention, so if you sent us a #OurFriendBillNye question you may still get an answer.

This time around, though, we’ll be asking Bill about his area of expertise — material science. Your question is more likely to be picked if it can be answered quickly. We’re going to try to ask a lot of these in rapid succession, so keep that in mind when formulating your question. Not sure if your question can be answered quickly or is related to material science? Go ahead and ask it anyway. We may have time for more topics or involved Q &A, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

(Image via Bill Binan)

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