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Monday Cute: Watch These Lions Love On Their Favorite Human

Usually, when you think ‘lion’ you think growly, predator, hungry. But in this boisterous reunion video, you will see the softer side of lions, and it is adorable.

Lions Malkia and Adelle were raised by a woman named Klaudia Kollár, the co-founder of Malkia Park in Slovakia, and Michaela Zimanova acted as their “godmother,” helping to care for them during the first year of their lives. Now, Zimanova visits them every few months, and they are always absolutely overjoyed to see her. When you watch the video above, it is clear that seeing this person who’s given them love makes them happy.

Says Kollár, “Malkia and Adelle welcome their godmother…Only 3ppl are this close to these lions! This kinda hug is not happening everyday, only when they are in a good mood , we never force them to do anything, and Malkia is a best hugger since she was a cub.”

Have you hugged a lion today?

(via Laughing Squid, image: screencap)

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