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Mom Invents App to Brick Kids’ Phones Until They Call Their Parents Back

Her kids have been mysteriously uninvited to all slumber parties.

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Tech-savvy parent Sharon Standifird was tired of her teenage children not answering or returning her calls to their cell phones, so she created an app that allows her to remotely brick their phones until they call her back. Apparently if she’s going to wish her kids would just call her back, she’s going to make sure all other kids are going to wish they would’ve, too.

Standfird hit the breaking point one day when she repeatedly called and texted her kids, and they didn’t respond despite being perfectly fine and not lying in a ditch—the prime location for kids who don’t answer calls in the minds of their parents. So she learned how to create an Android app, and a few months later she completed Ignore No More.

For the low price of $1.99 (per phone), parents can assure that their kids will call them right back by remotely locking their phone from doing anything until they do—almost anything. According to CBS News, her son has mixed feelings about it, saying: “Um, well I thought it was a good idea, but for other people, not me.” Guess he should’ve answered his mom’s calls, huh?

The only other activity the app allows is a call to 911 in case there is a real emergency, so parents of the world can rest easy. Meanwhile, 911 operators of the world will be inundated with calls from teens who have seen phone operators in old movies and will beg to be put through to their friends’ phones without calling their parents back.

(via CBS New York, image via Ignore No More)

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