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What a Day Brightener: Moana Meets Star Wars in a Delightful Parody Song

Uh. I’m really not sure what more I should say about this video. Honestly, it explains itself. But okay, since Google Page Rank or whatever needs more words, let me try to say something right here.

Moana captured everybody’s hearts when it landed on big screens this past March. The Last Jedi, the newest entry to the Star Wars saga, is a pretty sure bet to do the same when it releases this December. So, in the time-honored longstanding internet tradition of things, someone took the two of these beloved titles and mashed them up together to make something greater than the sum of its parts. (You got your Star Wars in my Moana… you got your Moana in my Star Wars!)

This parody brings Maui’s song, “You’re Welcome,” into the Star Wars universe by interpreting what Luke Skywalker might sing about if he was singing to Rey. I mean, come to think of it, the premise is pretty similar: Young woman shows up on a hermit’s island to try to convince him to come back and help save the world. Said hermit is a legendary figure in history, and quite literally wears his achievements on his body (or, I guess in the case of Luke, in his lack of a hand). While I’m pretty sure The Last Jedi won’t end with Luke stranding Rey on Ahch-Two (H2, seriously, just call it that) after stealing the Millennium Falcon, the similarities are still pretty remarkable, don’t you think?

At least, they were similar enough for Parhelics over on Tumblr, who drew some pretty fantastic fanart of a Disney-fied meeting between Luke and Rey. That, in turn, inspired Over English Man on YouTube, who took that fanart and made a full-fledged parody of the song for all of us to enjoy. How kind of them. The video starts with a few apologies about how the song is a bit too high for him to completely nail, but truth be told, I’m very, very happy with everything that’s currently happening in my earholes.

No apologies, pal. This is wonderful. (And the Jedi really do need to end, that’s very true.)

(via Boing Boing, image: Tumblr/Parhelics)

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