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CHVRCHES Release New Song for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: “Warning Call”

CHVRCHES, the best band to ever use the ancient Roman U, has just released a brand new song that they recorded for the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst soundtrack. You can listen to it above, but be warned: this song is peak CHVRCHES. Fans of their electro synth pop sound will get exactly what I mean. Oh, and to be clear, this is not a bad thing whatsoever. I freakin’ love CHVRCHES. Marrying their sound to the already minimalistic, futuristic, stylish video game seems like just the best idea.

On first listen, one could write the track off as a bit too happy for what may be considered a moody game. In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, you do play as a runner/courier in a post-apocalyptic Orwellian world where society isn’t broken down but rather completely controlled.

But CHVRCHES has a history of (and a real knack for) taking songs about serious, sad things and marrying them with their own unique synthy sound, which, by its nature, has somewhat of an upbeat, dance-like feel to it. I could easily see “Warning Call” playing out over the end credits of the game, much like how other movies have pop songs play out over the credits. Often times that pop song fades out into a dramatic score, much more suited to a soundtrack, but the feeling remains.

Some longtime fans of Mirror’s Edge may associate a specific song with the game, already: Lisa Miskovsky’s “Still Alive”.

In a lot of ways, “Warning Call” is reminiscent of Miskovsky’s “Still Alive”. They match in tone and lyrical content, and are both uplifting, inspiring in their own ways. Following in the tracks of Miskovsky seems like a difficult task, but honestly, I think CHVRCHES’ “Warning Call” absolutely nails it. Now I’m extra stoked for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

You’ll be able to check the game out when it hits shelves June 7th.

(via Polygon)

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