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CES Study Shows Millennials Prefer Netflix and Streaming TV, Surprising No Millennials Whatsoever

Was this not something non-millennials were aware of?


A study presented at the Consumer Electronics Show demonstrated that millennials value Netflix subscriptions more than cable or broadcast TV, which you can probably corroborate with the fact that you’ve watched nothing but Gilmore Girls on Netflix for the past month and actually had to pause it to write read this story.

I just got to season 7. Sigh. Oh, right. We were talking about millennials and streaming.

If you’re reading my words right now, odds are you fit into the roughly 13-34 “millennial” age category that the study focused on. The study found that 84% of young whippersnappers surveyed had streamed TV content in the past six months versus only 33% who watched after the fact on DVR and 54% who watched a program on TV during its original air time like they live in the stone age or something.

Additionally, fully 51% of millennials rated their Netflix subscription as “very valuable” to them with only 36% having the same strong affinity for their cable TV service, despite the incredible value cable providers generally like to place on it. But the news wasn’t all bad for TV. It turned out that 85% of millennials still use the ol’ boob tube to watch their TV content, which isn’t that much lower than the overall population’s rate of 90%.

Although, when asked how they prefer to watch instead of how they normally do it, only 55% said they actually want to watch on a regular TV. That other 30% are just apathetic about which device they watch on, and I guess TV seems like the most obvious choice. Be warned, television: your days are numbered. Not even the potent apathy of millennials cannot sustain your existence forever.

(via THR, image via Netflix)

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