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Mighty No. 9’s New Villain Unsurprisingly Looks Just Like Zero and Proto Man

It's payback time for Box Art Mega Man.

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He’s got a yellow scarf, red armor, and swords. Basically looking like the love child of Zero and Proto Man, Mighty No. 7’s design is a fairly solid slap in the face to Capcom, and it’s pretty much impossible for video game fans who know what’s been going on with Keiji Inafune, Capcom, and this game not to find it hilariously awesome.

After parting with Capcom less than amicably, Inafune began work on Mighty No. 9, which is a Kickstarter-based, thinly veiled Mega Man successor that far surpassed its funding goal and is well under way. (Inafune was Mega Man’s original designer.) According to the game’s Kickstarter update, there were multiple phases of design:




See, they landed on the final look tooootally organically, guys.

They even did some just to throw fans off track, but they eventually settled on “basically just a Zero/Proto Man redesign,” which is awesome. That’s what you get for putting Box Art Mega Man in Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom.

To make things even more obvious, Mighty No. 7 isn’t just one of many villains in the game. The update also talks about No. 7 taking on an especially important role on the villainous side of things and having a richer backstory and serving a higher purpose, and he’s supposed to be a kind of “brother robot” to the titular No. 9.


Stick it to the man, Inafune.

(Mighty No. 9 via Polygon, image via Mighty No. 9)

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