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Meowlingual “Cat Translator” Device Will Tell You What Your Cat’s Thinking for $169

The Cat Whiskerer. Whisperer? Whiskerer.

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I can’t vouch for the Meowlingual’s accuracy, but I can say that upon visiting the product’s page I was also recommend Dog Wine. If that doesn’t give a pet translator some credibility, I don’t know what will.

Similar to 2009’s “Bowlingual,” the Meowlingual allegedly works by analyzing your cat’s expressions, movements, sounds and behaviors. The device purr-ports to be able to detect six different moods and 21 different emotions, and translate meowing into approximately 200 different words.

Although I personally have no interest in knowing what my cat actually thinks of me (there’s only so much a girl can take), interested parties can purchase a Meowlingual of their very own for $169 plus shipping from Japan. Take caution though: once some doors are open, they can never again be closed.

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