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Memory City Is a Great Place For Your USB Drives to Live

Welcome, my friends, to Memory City, a place where all your USB drives and other forms of portable media can reside in peace and quiet, enjoying the company of each other, beautiful scenery, train transit, and a variety of reasonably priced bars and restaurants. As you can see, Memory City is yet unsettled, but there are plenty of lots available for development; 3 Micro SD cards, 3 SD cards, 4 USB drives, and 3 USB drive lids can all reside comfortably within the city limits without breaking any cohabitation laws.

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While Memory City is a great oppotunity for mobile storage devices to live together in a place where they can easily be found, it’s worth mentioning that Memory City will not allow your USB drives and SD cards to work from home. They’ll still have to commute to their destination computers. Still, it’s a picturesque little place. Don’t you owe it to you’re ever-faithful portable media devices? They’ve supported you, now it’s time for you to support them.

Take the next step to give your USB drives the home they deserve here.

(Design 3000 via Gizmodo)

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