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How Has No One Asked Melissa McCarthy to Be in the Gilmore Girls Revival? What Is Happening?

Oy with the revivals already.



So, uh, what the heck, friends? We hadn’t heard whether or not Melissa McCarthy would be returning to Stars Hollow for the Gilmore Girls revival, but nothing was definite. Then, we heard she was too busy, but they were leaving room open for her, and now she’s tweeted that no one even asked. … What?

Here’s what Entertainment Weekly detailed about plans for Sookie in our long-awaited Gilmore Girls closure just yesterday:

[T]he biggest question surrounding the cast has to be Melissa McCarthy. Sookie played such a crucial role in the series, but McCarthy’s stardom has made it difficult for her to find the time. Amy Sherman-Palladino confirmed to TVLine that, as of right now, Sookie does not have a storyline and promises her absence will be explained. However, she also said that, if by some chance, McCarthy finds the time—even just for a cameo—they are ready and willing to write her in.

But McCarthy’s response this afternoon, to a fan who (more than understandably) wants to see her return as Sookie St. James, was:

So … what gives? Amy Sherman-Palladino’s quote to TV Line—”the thing I have said [to her team] is, ‘Look, if Melissa is available and has an afternoon free, I’ll write her a scene.”—certainly makes it sound like discussions have reached McCarthy’s doorstep, but then she doesn’t seem aware of them. Entertainment Weekly also mentioned in the same news roundup that budgetary constraints had caused a storyline with one of Rory’s exes to get the axe, and I’m really hoping that’s not what lies underneath all this confusion. After all, McCarthy’s a massive star now, and that means her time comes at a cost.

Or maybe it’s really just crossed wires. Either way, it’s hard to imagine the show without her, as Lorelai’s best friend and partner in business. What say you, Gilmore Girls fans? Why is this happening to us? How deep does this thing go? Who is in cahoots with who to destroy our Netflix revival dreams?


(via EW, image via Warner Bros.)

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