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So, Here is a 4chan-type Guy Rapping About Mass Effect 2

Well, this was inevitable. The abysmal tedium of Mass Effect 2‘s mining segments has been well-known since initial reviews of the game came out; however, the minigame has now inspired minor nerdcore sensation Kabuto the Python (above) to pen a rap about his frustration with BioWare’s design choices.

Sample lyrics: “I used to rock microphones, rhymin’ in the stadium/These days I launch probes, mining for palladium/Slouched at my console crying from the tedium/I contemplate relations with the slimiest of aliens.”

Video below: technically NSFW, but if your boss doesn’t care about your listening to tracks about Mass Effect at work, we don’t think the obscenities per se are going to be an issue.

Kabuto deserves serious kudos for integrating the game’s sound files into his track. Now — when will a yet-unknown Internet Hero apply to same treatment to System Shock‘s terrifying broadcasts from a murderous AI?

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