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The Mary Sue’s Future—We Need Your Feedback!


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Dear readers, in our busy schedule of telling the world our opinions, we’d like to hear some of yours! ​We want to know ​how you all would feel about an ad-free subscription model for our lovely site and community. ​

We’ve been around the Internet long enough to know that when ​changes are even proposed, people are going to have strong opinions about them. ​To be clear, we have NOT decided to move forward with this, but we do want your feedback. You have the power to help us make that decision.

[Note: The survey is now closed. Thank you for all your feedback and comments!] That’s why we’d like you to take a short survey to tell us whether or not you​ would ​sign up for a Mary Sue subscription service and what you​ might ​expect to get out of it:

As always, thanks for reading and being a part of the tight-knit ​Mary Sue community.

—Please make note of The Mary Sue’s general comment policy.—

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