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Take This However You Like: Pixar Says It Won’t Make Marvel Movies

and let it be known

On the face of it it makes perfect sense: Pixar is a vital part of the Disney machine right now, and one of its founding members, John Lasseter, is the chief creative officer of the whole animation shebang. Now that Disney is the film studio and mother company of all not-previously attached Marvel Comic projects, why wouldn’t Pixar tackle one or more of Marvel’s characters?

But according to John Lasseter himself, it won’t be happening.

In an interview with IGN he said:

Disney has been great. Bob Iger [CEO of The Walt Disney Company] is phenomenal. I’m Chief Creative Officer of Disney Animation as well, and with Pixar it’s like, “Keep doing what you’re doing, guys.” It’s a filmmaker-driven studio. All of the ideas come from the filmmakers themselves. Working with the filmmakers on ideas.

If Pixar would be doing anything more with superheroes, he added, it would probably be with their in house characters, the Incredibles, and Brad Bird. Which we would, of course, be in favor of. But lets just get Brave done first, ‘kay, guys?

(via ScreenRant.)

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