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Mark Millar is Not On Twitter

But you should try and find him, anyway, because there are a few really funny people pretending to be him.  Mark Millar, for the uninitiated, is a relatively well known writer of comic books, like The Ultimates and Civil War, and occasionally movies, like Wanted and Kick-Ass.

Bleeding Cool highlights one Twitter feed in today’s Sunday Runaround.  Not_Mark_Millar is updated by a self-professed Millar fan who nevertheless feels that the writer can be overhyped at times.

To the folks who retweet me, ask others to follow me and the like, I’ll name a character in a group scene after you in my nxt Ultimate comic.

They will be raped by the Hulk but it will be your name on the page. Honestly who wouldn’t want to be raped to death by the Hulk in a comic?

Just remembered I met Jo Rowling at a cafe in Edinburgh in ‘94. Chatted her up convinced her to finish novel. We all know what happened next

If Kick-Ass does not out-gross Avatar I will eat my shirt and you can punch me in the throat when you see me at conventions.

We’re also partial to another Millar twitter that is not connected to Mark Millar, MarkMillarIdeas.  This feed doesn’t reveal its intentions in the way that Not_Mark_Millar does, but it also isn’t masquerading as closely.  MarkMillarIdeas seems to simply be a feed of ideas that the author feels are particularly Millar-esque.

What if there were Watchers… OF THE WATCHERS?

Flash Earth One: Barry Allen, CSI scientist and… serial killer?! Is he the Flash or Professor Zoom? Or BOTH? Flash meets Dexter!

What if instead of KILLING KILLERS, the Punisher RAPED RAPISTS?

Name for the rapist Punisher project chosen! SEXTER.

Let this be a lesson to those celebrities who aren’t on Twitter.  Your satiric doppelganger awaits.

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